New beach house near beach pool and tennis


We have had our newly constructed (completed May 2015) beach vacation rental listed with Relax on the Beach for almost a year. Everything about the experience has not just met, but exceeded our expectations.

First, the property itself looks brand new, even after a year. Between monitoring renters and arranging for thorough cleaning, we were pleasantly surprised when we returned to the property after a full rental season. We braced ourselves for the wear and tear that we believed was inevitable and we were shocked when we entered the house and it looked exactly as we left it months earlier.

Secondly, Relax truly does consider the relationship a partnership. I trust them with my home and appreciate the notes and the texts after a storm just to let us know that all is well. Any phone call, text or email is responded to quickly and any questions have been answered and issues have been resolved immediately. Since we live in the Dallas area, this provides tremendous peace of mind.

Thirdly, and probably most importantly, is the rental revenue that Relax has generated. Any thoughts we might have about managing the property on our own are long gone. There is no doubt in my mind that Relax generated far more income than we could possibly done on our own. 

We very strongly recommend Relax on the Beach and give them well deserved credit for making our first year as positive and successful as it was. Year two is shaping up to be even better!


We bought Grand Paradise in early 2014 with the thought of having a big house for our family, and that would generate enough rentals to pay for itself (which certainly isn’t a guarantee with all the expenses that can go along with owning a house on the gulf). We got a good deal, which means the house needed a lot of work.

The problem was we live about 6 hours from Fort Morgan, and fixing up a house, on a budget, from 6 hours away is not exactly an easy thing to do! THANK GOODNESS FOR RELAX ON THE BEACH!!! Early in the process of purchasing this house, I did a lot of research on management companies. Initially, I admit I was leaning toward one of the bigger companies with the thought that they could maximize my rentals better. I stumbled on ROTB during a rental inquiry where, after putting my info in on the website, someone called me back in 10 minutes. I thought, if they really do have that great of service, how could I go wrong. And it certainly didn’t hurt that their management fees were about the most reasonable around. 

Well, these initial impressions were barely the tip of the iceberg! From the moment I purchased the house, Bill, Tom, and the whole crew were unbelievably impressive! I think the day I sent them the key, Bill went in and personally started ripping out kitchen cabinets in preparation for some of our improvements. He met delivery men at all hours. He arranged painters and plumbers and anything else we needed. And I didn’t mention even that our purchase was completed toward the end of march. I was advised to just do some basic things to be able to rent the house out by summer. With Bill and Tom at the helm, we basically gutted the house, added a bedroom, totally remodeled the kitchen, and turned the house into the Grand Paradise that it is today. It was ready to rent by the end of May (and was basically rented out for most of that summer and fall)!! And I don’t think I would have gotten price if I had a contractor as a brother. What have I heard on the other end EVERY time I called with some request? “We’re here for you. Anything you need. Whatever you say.” And they mean it. 

I have never had any impression other than the idea that every person with Relax on the Beach has my best interests in mind. I almost never get a call about some issue at our house. I never have to do anything. They take care of EVERYTHING. Obviously this is a mutually beneficial relationship, but at ROTB, they don’t take that for granted. And they have maximized my rental income without a doubt far better than any other company could have done. 

Without Bill and everyone else at Relax on the Beach, I could not have purchased and owned a house in Fort Morgan. Thank you all for making it such an awesome experience! Can’t wait to get down to the beach again!


Beach front condo with pool access


Relaxonthebeach is the 4th rental agency I’ve had my property listed with, and they are the most outstanding. Your property will get more exposure with Relaxonthebeach than any other agency.


John Hulen, Orange Beach, AL



David and I have been rental partners with Relax on the Beach for almost a year now. We have been nothing but greatly pleased with each and every service provided by this organization. More than that, the individuals employed by Relax on the Beach are exceptional in every way. Our condo has never been booked as much as it was this past year. The former company did not come even close to the success of renting as Relax on the Beach has with our condo.


They have so many extra services and are willing to work with you on almost any rental plan you need. Our rental checks have been timely and the monthly delineations regarding income and expenses thorough. I could go on and on singing this company’s praises and will be more than happy to answer any potential client’s questions regarding them and their staff.


David and Judy Milam, Mobile, AL





I love, LOVE this new guy we call Bill!!
I can’t say enough about his communication, enthusiasm, honesty and eagerness to please not by saying he is going to do something, but by actually doing what he says he is going to do!! Refreshing!
For the first time since Aaron has signed on with Relax on the Beach,  I actually feel we can , um, let’s see, yes! RELAX on the beach! I feel he is bringing a new level of doing what is best for the home owners and is proving his commitment and honesty and desire to make owning a beach property a positive experience.
Could you pass the pat on the back to him. I’ve told him so many times that he is awesome, I don’t know if he listens to me anymore.
Looking forward to another spring and summer.


Thanks, Penni