About Us


We started Relax on the Beach in 2004 with the purchase of our first beach property on West Beach in Gulf Shores. We made it a point to personally call all of our guests because we wanted them to experience the excitement we got every time we visited the Gulf Coast.



Noticing that our properties were always full, neighboring owners asked what we were doing to bring in so many rentals, and asked if we would consider managing their properties. We began to fill a niche…catering to customers who demand the personal attention that comes with booking through a flexible company like ours. We never set out to have a property management/vacation rental business, but found that we really enjoyed interacting with guests and Relax on the Beach was born!  Through hard work and perseverance, we have built up our portfolio of managed properties and have increased rental revenue income to over $5M for our owners in 2018.


* We represent owners who appreciate a personal, hands on management style. 

* Attention to detail and a commitment to excellence in customer service are the cornerstones of our business.

* We want our guests to have the best vacation rental experience on the Gulf Coast so they will return year after year. 

* We invite guests to download our RelaxontheBeach app which provides property-specific info like wi-fi login and lockbox code; and general info about goings on and things to do specific to the time that they’re in town. 

* We provide secure online booking, so guests can learn about and book properties from anywhere.

* We use our Social Media to keep the guests informed of the exciting events occurring near our beaches.

* Our multi-media outlets (YouTube, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc.. and an abundance of photographs), give you confidence that the house or condo you select will be the perfect choice for you, your family members and your friends.