Eating Well On Your Fort Morgan Vacation

pineapple cocktails on the counter at The Grammont.

Eating well on your Fort Morgan beach vacation is a must. As I sit here, working on a menu and developing a shopping list for our next visit, it dawned on me.  Someone really needs to develop a comprehensive guide for planning meals at the beach. Maybe someone has already done it, but I couldn't find it, so I nominated myself.  Keep in mind, this guide is really for those people that drive here. If you fly, it's a little harder to prepare to this degree.  

When we go to the beach, our favorite time of day is sunset. We take a few simple snacks, a bottle of wine and our beach chairs.  Sometimes, we just sit on the beach and gaze at the horizon until well after sunset. At this point in the day, we are not much interested in showering and getting dressed to go out to dinner.

"Casseroles (like lasagna) can be prepared ahead and frozen."

Our kids are grown now, but when they were younger, it presented even more of a challenge. Plus, typically we are staying off the beaten trail, so going to a restaurant  involves a 20-30 minute drive. Too, there's the cost of eating out fo a week.

We are not a box of pasta and jar of sauce family. I love to cook and my entire family loves to eat and appreciates good food. Plus, when at the beach, we have access to fresh seafood (caught that morning)  that we simply cannot resist.  Eating well on vacation enhances the experience tremendously. I do realize that this approach is not for everyone.

Many people consider cooking a chore and really want to avoid cooking on vacation as much as possible. I get that. Maybe I can change your mind. Just a little. Planning ahead is crucial if you want to prepare fast, delicious meals at the beach.  I am excited about spending a week at the beach, so it doesn't really seem like work. It's more like vacation prep and kind of like packing. It's also helpful to plan your menu for the week and be sure to include planned dinners out. You want to be prepared, but you don't want to bring a ton of food back with you or, even worse, throw it away.

"I try and take small sizes of Dijon, olive oil, vinegar (you’ll probably need that if you steam seafood anyway), mayo, ketchup etc." 

Also, be sure and find out if you'll have access to a grill.  Gas or charcoal? If it's charcoal, I wouldn't haul charcoal from home for two reasons. One, a bag of charcoal takes up a lot of valuable car space. Two, there is a good chance the previous renters left behind their charcoal.  If no grill is available, consider buying an inexpensive grill.  You can leave it for the next renters.

Eating well on your Fort Morgan beach vacation is a must.  I'm exited to share how we prepare for and enjoy great meals on our beach vacations.  Follow along here for more from The Beach Gourmet!