Hurricane Season

JUNE 1 - NOVEMBER 30, 2021

                                                                            ******HURRICANE ZETA UPDATE*****


Hurricane season for the Gulf Coast spans from June 1 until November 30 with the greatest liklihood of a severe storm from mid August until late October.  Although the risk of a hurricane disrupting your vacaton plans is low, it is, nonetheless, present.  


We strongly encourage guests to purchase travel insurance at all times, but especially during hurricane season.  Insurance will provide a peace of mind knowing that you've protected the investment you've made in your vacation.  Travel insurance costs just 7% of the cost of your trip and is a small price to pay to protect your vacation investment.  


Coverage for travel insurance for a hurricane applies only if the insurance was purchased prior to the tropical storm first being upgraded to a hurricane and is within the time frame required by your policy.


Purchase Travel Insurance


Our primary concern is for the safety of our guests.  We understand that is is a disappointment when inclimate weather interrupts long anticipated travel plans.  High winds, localized flooding and dangerous surf are the primary hazards.  In some areas, hurricanes produce significant flooding and even if the weather appears fine, the roads may be impassable.  Be sure and check with Guest services to determine if it is safe to travel to and occupy your rental property.  


Storms also produce dangerous rip tides and it is likely that it will be unsafe to swim in the Gulf.   You may receive notification from Relax on the Beach regarding unsafe beach conditions but we recommend that you call (251) 968-8433 for a daily update.  You cannot tell by looking at the surf if it is safe to enter.  




In the event of an ordered evacuation due to hurricanes or other storms, you are required by state law to evacuate property. If you have declined trip cancellation insurance, you will not receive a refund.


If you have elected to purchase travel insurance and have done so within the requred time frame, refunds and coverage issues will be based and determined solely by Travel Guard and the existing policy will be issued to the guest if this insurance has been elected upon making reservation. Refer to trip cancellation policy or contact Travel Guard directly for specific information and/or refund procedures. If you choose to leave due to “Storm Warnings” or “Voluntary Evacuation” no refunds will be given. Relax On The Beach will not issue refunds in part or in full for inclement weather. Our recommendation for travel during hurricane season is for you to research and purchase trip cancellation insurance.