7 Favorite Restaurants Near Fort Morgan

man casting a net for fish in Gulf Shores, Alabama

We're sharing our 7 favorite restaurants near Fort Morgan this week. We work hard to make sure you relax on the beach during your visits and scouting out the best beach eats is something we really enjoy, too.  From fresh gulf seafood to food that's just plain fun, we've got it all right here.  Start planning what you'll order from our list we're sharing today.

Tacky Jack's 2

Come by car, truck, motorcycle, bus or water.  This longtime favorite is located at the end of Fort Morgan Road on Mobile Bay.  It's less than a mile from the Dauphin island Ferry, so it's convenient for everyboy around the bay. Steamed Royal Reds are a specialty as they are the Queen of the Prawns.  Steamed and served with melted butter, corn on the cob and potatoes, you can't help but say, "Yum!"  We're also fans of their Crispy La Hawg Bites which are slow roasted and deep fried port shank on the bone with their special Blowin Smoke BBQ sauce and their wangs and steaks, too.

Skinner's Seafood

At Skinner's, the seafood you buy today was swimming in the Gulf last night!  Their food is always wild caught and always fresh.  When you're hungry for steamed seafood, this is the place  to pick it up and go!

Lighthouse Bakery

You need a restaurant that's also a bakery and a coffee shop?  This is it. Every order is made from scratch, so you know your cakes and pies are the freshest and best quality possible.  It's high season, so please know special orders must be placed at least two weeks in advance.  If it's ooey and gooey, you'll find it here.  We love their crabmeat omelets and biscuits 'n gravy for breakfast!

Miguel's Beach 'n Baja

These folks serve the freshest tacos, burritos, quesadillas and homemade salsa in the south.  They bring west coast flavor with a gulf coast soul. Tacos always work for us, as we're most often on the run for lunch and we also love their burrito bowl.  Sometimes, you just need a good chips and queso and churros to make your day better, too.  It's take out only and outside seating only, so it's all easy peasy and good!

The Kiva Grill

We love the food and the people here, but where else can you take in the incredible water and pool views, as well as views of their newly redesigned award-winning golf course?  The menu is mostly traditional, but we always go for the Bananas Foster French Toast with a side of sausage and their great coffee! 

Frost Bites

You're on an island, so enjoy the tastes of an island! We love the Peach Piggly Wiggly and the Beach Club Snowball.  These are sweets that only make you sweeter, so what's no to love?

Island Chevron and Grill

Home cooking and the convenience of a convenience store.  We're all in.  They serve breakfast, lunch, coffee and drinks. We recommend their fresh, home-cooked lunch specials and their famous Island Burger.  Y'all hungry, yet?

These are our 7 favorite restaurants near Fort Morgan and there are more we can add to the list.  If you have a particular type of food you're craving just ask us.  We take great pride in knowing where the best beach eats can be found.  Enjoying an unforgettable meal goes right along with the best vacations where you get to relax on the beach!